January 13, 2015

Little Buddy to The Heatwave

This is a dedication to “The Heatwave” aka our dryer (cures our garments for the non-screenprinters), but it also works as a heating element during these cold months, especially when it is in the single digits like it is today. It is gas powered so it saves money on the electrical bill since natural is cheaper (that’s we were told) though the gas bill is slightly higher I’m not sure exactly how much we’re saving. After having the “Little Buddy,” we realized that having a bigger more efficient dryer was crucial to the growth of out business. Despite the challenges of simply moving it in the building and a few hiccups while setting it upI’m not sure where we would be if we didn’t make that purchase. From t-shirts to sweatpants to bags the Heatwave doesn’t discriminate, Cheers to “The Heatwave”!

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