February 24, 2014



This is what you normally see from Courtyard Ink, whether its on a social media site or our own website, the finished product is what catches the peoples eyes. Now we’re gonna give you a “behind the squeegee” look at what it takes to get that finished product. From the artwork to the screen to the press.

Once the customer knows what they want; we get the vectored artwork, usually in a .pdf. We then use our Epson Artisan 1430 using inkjet film to print the most opaque print possible. When we are satisfied with the artwork its on to the “exposure room,” where the artwork will meet its destiny, which is being burned into a screen for 5-6 minutes using our exposure unit. After the image is burnt into a screen, it is washed using a pressure washer. After the screens dries it ready to be used!





That was just a look inside The ‘Yard. #screenprinting #custom #tshirts #omaha

-Steve Pham

Co-owner/Production Manager

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