January 23, 2015


As most screen printers know, a radio is crucial part of helping the day go by stress-free. Here at Courtyard Ink we like a variety of music as well as sports talk radio. Here is a typical day of sounds:

*8:30-11: Usually its the Dan Patrick show but during football season we like to get some Nebraska football talk going so we might caught the local guys Sharp and Benning. Dan is definitely the go-to-guy with a nice blend of sports and pop culture

11-2: We stay in “The Jungle,” as its the Jim Rome Show for this 3 hours everyday. It helps those 3 hours fly by!

2-end of the day: After a day of sports talk and not wanting to hear Donovan Mcnabbs or local guys opinions on anything in life we switch it over to music. Radio, ipod, spotify and pandora are our options. A deep mix of music is very important to us, from Outkast, Nas, Atmophere to Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon. You probably will hear some Christmas tunes during the holiday, we do it all!

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