About Us

In Spring of 2008 I (Brad) was finishing college at Grace University as our basketball team just won the championship. We needed shirts to commemorate the event so I busted them out on my neighbor’s heat press in the basement of The Blue Jay Bar and sold them at the college for my project in entrepreneurship class. Stubborn and not wanting to go work for the man, one thing led to another and soon, I had a table top screen printing press in a friend’s basement. I named the business Courtyard Ink after the apartment I was living in at the time. I’d go hustle shirts outside of Rosenblatt stadium during the College World Series or beg sand volleyball teams for orders. After a while I built up enough clientele to outgrow the basement. A year or two later, we moved into the back of a very classy used car battery shop.  Before long, we realized that was not ideal and found our first real home on the round-a-bout on North Saddle Creek Road. Then moved to a bigger location on N. Saddle Creek Road. Thousands of shirts printed and many lessons along the way brings us to our current home on 89th & F Street, a home we envision growing into 2020 and beyond. Grace University, The Blue Jay Bar and Rosenblatt no longer exist but Courtyard Ink has stood the test of time and remains committed to friendly service and quality product that got us going in the first place.  It is an honor to serve you and we look forward to continuing to make it easy to create quality custom apparel for your business or organization for many years to come.